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My (Almost) Perfect Puppy: Olivia's Secret Scribbles, Book 2

My (Almost) Perfect Puppy: Olivia's Secret Scribbles, Book 2

by Meredith Costain

Olivia's Secret Scribbles : Book 2

Publish Date
May 2018

I have so many super-amazing and IMPORTANT things to write about! Ill tell you all about them: * My dog, Bob, is friendly and cuddly. He is a PERFECT puppy (almost). Sometimes he gets into mischief. * He loves to chew things! Especially Dads slippers.Then he buries them in the garden! * Bob eats and eats AND EATS! He even steals snacks off the table. (I dont mind when he eats my broccoli though!) * He is BOUNCY and JUMPY and chases CATS! Eeek! I have to invent a way to keep Bob out of trouble! Olivia x

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