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From the Wreck

From the Wreck

by Jane Rawson

From a kernel of personal history - the survival of her ancestor George Hills in a catastrophic shipwreck - Jane Rawson has spun an eerie, disquieting tale about the nature of survival and the connection between the human world and the animal one.

Publish Date
March 2017

Rawson takes things in a startling direction early on, bringing to mind the New Weird fiction of authors like China Mieville: as well as a wholly human protagonist, one of her key characters is an alien from another dimension who takes the form of an octopus. I always knew they were up to something, the slimy things.

But unlike Mieville and his cohort, Rawson keeps a tight grip on the narrative, never letting it spill into the absurd. Her ability to keep its feet firmly rooted in historical fiction, with just a tinge of the strange is what makes this a fantastic read.

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