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Happily Ever Afterwards

Happily Ever Afterwards

by Shaun Micallef

A smart, satirical and deliciously silly follow-up to Shaun Micallef's award-winning Tales from a Tall Forest.

Hardie Grant Books
Publish Date
September 2021

The Queen of Tancred and her royal retinue are on a mission: to ensure all the citizens of Tancred are happy. But that's a lot harder than it sounds- especially when the Happiness Tour accidentally stumbles into the neighbouring region of Hamelin. Oops. Soon, Queen Mathilde smells a rat. A whole kingdom of them, in fact. . . because Hamelin has been overrun with rodents. Why is a rat on the throne? Where are all of Hamelin's children? And what is happiness anyway? The answers - presented in Micallef's signature fairytale-twisting style - will surprise you!

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