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House Arrest

House Arrest

by Alan Bennett

Reflections on Covid and confinement from the unparalleled pen of Alan Bennett.

Allen & Unwin
Publish Date
May 2022

4 March. HMQ pictured in the paper at an investiture wearing gloves, presumably as a precaution against Coronavirus. But not just gloves; these are almost gauntlets. I hope they're not the thin end of a precautionary wedge lest Her Majesty end up swathed in protective get-up such as is worn at the average crime scene. 20 March. With Rupert now working from home my life is much easier, as I get regular cups of tea and a lovely hot lunch. A year in and out of lockdown as experienced by Alan Bennett. Alan's diary takes us from the filming of Talking Heads and memories of doomed childhood fishing expeditions, to thoughts on Boris Johnson, stair lifts, junk shops of old, having a haircut and encounters on the local park bench.

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