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Real Pigeons Duck Trouble

Real Pigeons Duck Trouble

by Andrew McDonald,  Ben Wood (Illustrator)

Ever wonder why pigeons always act so weird? It’s because they’re out there chasing the bad guys and saving your butts!

Hardie Grant Books
Publish Date
May 2022

The Real Pigeons are amazing crime-fighters. So when they team up with some HUMAN SECRET AGENTS they think they'll be unbeatable! But then a strange MUTANT goes on a rampage. POCKETS start mysteriously vanishing from pants and jackets. And someone raises a terrifying army of ZOMPIGEONS. Worst of all - the agents have a SECRET of their own. And it's going to get our heroes into terrible TROUBLE ... the kind they can't easily DUCK! Nickelodeon is developing an animated movie and TV series based on REAL PIGEONS FIGHT CRIME, to be produced by James Corden and Ben Winston!

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