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So Many Beats of the Heart

So Many Beats of the Heart

by Carrie Cox

So Many Beats of The Heart is about how the crushing weight of time can take its toll on long-term relationships. It's about love lost, friendships found, losing your bearings and finding a way back to shore.

Affirm Press
Publish Date
March 2022

Evie Shine is adrift. After two decades of marriage, her husband has left her. Possibly for another woman. He isn't saying. That Evie has spent her career dissecting relationships and mending broken hearts doesn't help at all - it just makes everything worse. How did she not see this coming? And what's she meant to do now? Her own worst client, Evie ignores all useful advice and chooses platitudes, wine and hangovers over the prospect of moving on. But soon she realises that the beauty of having the rug ripped from under you is getting to see exactly what's underneath.

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