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Till Death, or a Little Light Maiming, Do Us Part

Till Death, or a Little Light Maiming, Do Us Part

by Kathy Lette

Till Death, or a Little Light Maiming, Do Us Part is a revenge caper that propels a double-crossed threesome through continents on the trail of truth and retribution. As they embark on a chase for their money, they build new friendships, discover much about themselves, and when closure is had they are bursting with energy for the next phase of their life.

Penguin Random House
Publish Date
March 2022

When Jason Riley goes missing, feared killed by a shark, his family - make that families - have many questions. Hearing a news report that a man on his morning swim has been taken by a Great White, teacher Gwen races to the beach, and finds all that remains of Jason Riley, her husband, is his swimming cap and a piece of torn, blood-stained wetsuit. Her shock and heartbreak are soon interrupted by a woman screeching to a halt on a motorbike. Tish screams for information, convinced it's her husband who's been taken by the man-eater. Gwen reassures her that Jason Riley is the man who's perished. 'I know! Jason Riley's my husband!' Tish sobs. Needless to say, their grief is somewhat blighted by the realisation they've both been married to a bigamist. And their mutual animosity is not assuaged when they learn that Jason recently sent all his – make that their – money to a mysterious 'business partner' in Egypt, Skye. They fly to Cairo, confront Skye, and discover that not only did Jason marry her last year, but he’s stolen her life savings too.

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