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The Naked Farmer

The Naked Farmer

by Ben Brooksby

This is a heartwarming, moving and candid collection of stories of the challenges our farmers are facing, and the way these communities are banding together in response.

Publish Date
October 2020

Ben Brooksby is a fifth-generation farmer from St Helens Plains in western Victoria. When he was younger, he struggled with anxiety and other mental health issues, as do so many others in rural communities. A simple social media post helped him to turn things around. After he shared a photo on Instagram showing himself naked in a truck full of lentils, he received a huge response, with other farmers wanting to share their own photos - and their stories. As the Naked Farmer movement grew, Ben met people from all around the country who wanted to get naked for mental health. As they got their kits off, they also opened up about their struggles. Proudly supporting the Royal Flying Doctors Mental Health Service.

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