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by Anna Spargo-Ryan

From the best-selling author of The Paper House

Pan Macmillan
Publish Date
May 2017

Skye's sixteen, and her mum's got yet another new boyfriend. Trouble is, Jason's bad news. Really bad. Now mum's quit her job and they're all moving north to Port Flinders, population nobody. 'That's a Southern Right Whale. They have the largest balls of any animal in the world.' She'd do anything to keep her ten-year-old brother safe. Things she can't even say out loud. And when Jason gets violent, Skye knows she has to take control. She's got to get Ben out and their mum's useless as. The train home to Adelaide leaves first thing each morning and they both need to be on it. Everything else can wait. 'Ladybirds bleed from their knees when they're stressed.' The Gulf is an acute, moving and uplifting story from the inimitable, alchemical imagination of Anna Spargo-Ryan.

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