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Caledonian Road

Andrew O'Hagan

The Familiar

Leigh Bardugo

The Work

Bri Lee

Audrey's Gone AWOL

Annie de Monchaux

City in Ruins

Don Winslow

Day One

Abigail Dean

It Takes a Town

Aoife Clifford

Last Best Chance

Brooke Dunnell


Sociopath: A Memoir

Gagne Patric

Creating Effective Spaces

Natasha Swingler

Easy Wins

Anna Jones

Happy Healthy You

Lisa Curry


Rosie Batty

Power of Balance

Kerryn Phelps

Rebel Rising

Rebel Wilson

Children’s & Young Adult

Coming Soon

Deep Is the Fen

Lili Wilkinson


Salman Rushdie

My Favourite Mistake

Marian Keyes


Lionel Shriver

A Way Home

Emily Brewin

Funny Story

Emily Henry


John Boyne

The Way We Are

Hugh Mackay

Long Island

Colm TĂłibĂ­n

You Are Here

David Nicholls

Red River Road

Anna Downes

The Story Thief

Kyra Geddes


Meg Keneally

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