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Future-Proofing Your Child

Future-Proofing Your Child

by Kathy Walker

Give your child the tools they need to become emotionally intelligent adults

Publish Date
July 2015

By the time children are 15, 16, 18, 21, it's too late to start disciplining them and trying to shape them into the human beings you want them to be. And you can't always be at their side helping them make the right decisions. This book tells parents, in very practical terms, what they need to do from birth to 12 to ensure their children are equipped to deal with the future. Kathy Walker has a thriving private practice and sees parents making the same mistakes over and over again. Her concern is that we are so intensely involved in keeping our children happy in the present that we are not considering what this means for our children's emotional states in the future. Her argument is that children need boundaries, discipline and good role models so that they in turn can develop the necessary qualities to deal with life - especially the challenges of life as a young adult: drugs, drink driving, relationships . .

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