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Diving for Seahorses: The Science and Secrets of Memory

Diving for Seahorses: The Science and Secrets of Memory

by Hilde Řstby & Ylva Řstby

What makes us remember? Why do we forget? And what, exactly, is a memory?

NewSouth Books
Publish Date
October 2018

Diving for Seahorses answers these questions and more, offering an illuminating look at one of our most fascinating faculties: our memory. Sisters Hilde and Ylva Ostby - one an acclaimed writer the other a neuropsychologist-skilfully interweave history, research and personal stories in this fascinating exploration of the evolving science of memory from its Renaissance beginnings to the present day. They interview top neuroscientists, famous novelists, taxi drivers and quizmasters to help explain how memory works, why it sometimes fails and what we can do to improve it.

Filled with cutting-edge research and compelling case studies, the result is a gripping-and unforgettable-adventure through human memory.

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