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Franklin and Luna and the Book of Fairy Tales

Franklin and Luna and the Book of Fairy Tales

by Jen Campbell

Highly acclaimed Jen Campbell and Katie Harnett are back with a new tale featuring the book-loving friends Franklin and Luna.

Thames & Hudson
Publish Date
September 2019

It’s Franklin’s birthday! Luna and all the villagers are planning a surprise party, and Franklin’s family are visiting from the moon. While the party is being set up, Luna takes Franklin book shopping. They find a padlocked book of fairy tales, which the bookseller tells them is full of dangerous magic. Luna’s tortoise, Neil, can’t help picking the lock… but when he peers inside, the book swallows him whole. Franklin and Luna dive into the book to rescue Neil. They tumble into cobwebbed forests and meet dusty fairy-tale characters who have been trapped inside these pages for hundreds of years.

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