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How to Avoid Being Eaten By Sharks and other advice

How to Avoid Being Eaten By Sharks and other advice

by John Larkin

Walker Books
Publish Date
February 2024

A collection of hilarious, nonsensical, witty and mischievous subjects - the best (and worst) advice for growing up.

There is one sure-fire method to avoid being eaten by sharks. Don't go in the ocean.

How can you avoid being eaten by sharks? What does it mean to 'skateboard' someone? Is there a chance you could be abducted by aliens? Are there zombies hiding under your brother's bed?

In this hilarious guide, John Larkin relates his tried and tested advice for navigating the mysteries of life, with a sprinkling of some the facts and history he's discovered along the way. Accompanied by entertaining comic-style illustrations from Chrissie Krebs, this is an education not to be missed!

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