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Liars #4: Lockdown

Liars #4: Lockdown

by Jack Heath

Jarli’s lie-detecting app reveals secrets about a criminal mastermind. Nowhere is safe for Jarli now—not even school.

Publish Date
June 2019

ARMED MERCENARIES invade a hospital and start taking hostages. Some school students barricade themselves in a surgical theatre. But the mercenaries are HUNTING an injured man . . . and hes in there with them.

Jarli, creator of the Truth app, is one of the students TRAPPED in the hospital. All the phones are jammed. The building is locked down. No help is coming.

The mercenaries work for Viper, a ruthless and deadly criminal. Jarli and his friends have outwitted Viper beforecan they do it again?

The TRUTH is deadly . . .

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