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Wheels and Springs and Moving Things

Wheels and Springs and Moving Things

by Sally Rippin

School of Monsters and Beyond #1

Hardie Grant
Publish Date
January 2024

The beloved characters from the best-selling School of Monsters series are back in this brand-new, super-size look-and-find exploration of what monsters do all day! 

Welcome to the School of Monsters and Beyond: the funniest, silliest and most accessible new series for first readers!

Frank's dad is a farmer, Jess's brother drives a garage truck, and Jack's mum is a firefighter. In this exciting deep-dive into the world of monsters and beyond, discover the different jobs monsters do all day and the incredible vehicles they drive. In the tradition of Richard Scarry's classic What Do People Do All Day?, every spread is filled with busy, detailed illustrations of the world and its characters in Chris Kennett's inimitable style, alongside Sally Rippin's charming rhymes! 

LEARN TO READ! Created especially for new and developing readers

On every spread, young readers have the chance to build their confidence with reading. Start by reading only the last word on every line and work your way up to reading the whole story. With tumbling rhymes and an infectious sense of humour, the weird and wonderful characters in  the School of Monsters and Beyond are guaranteed to spark a love of reading!

My dad digs the earth and plants seedlings and trees,
which grow into homes for the birds and the bees.

He also grows barley and sweetcorn and wheat,
which he harvests each year for the monsters to eat.

What does Frank's dad do? He's a farmer!

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