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Selling the Dream

Selling the Dream

by Hugh Mackay

Lincoln The Hunter is living the dream. Universally admired and terrifically charming, he has a formidable reputation in the world of marketing and advertising, and is the jewel in the crown of agency KK&C.

Pan Macmillan
Publish Date
April 2017

When Linc is handed the reins of the high-budget, high-profile campaign for The Ripper, a ground-breaking new snack that no-one with functioning tastebuds would voluntarily eat, he knows it's his chance to leverage his way to greater success and greener, more glamourous pastures. No matter that it will leave KK&C foundering in his wake...

Ruthless in his pursuit of professional success, it doesn't occur to Linc that he himself might be the pawn in this great game of advertising, where no method - be it a calculated office affair or 'disruptive skydiving' - is off limits to aid in selling the dream.

In this laugh-out-loud funny and frighteningly believable satire, Hugh Mackay lays bare the machinations of this multi-million-dollar industry, and leaves you wondering just where the line between parody and reality falls...

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