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Lionel Shriver

My Favourite Mistake

Marian Keyes

Caledonian Road

Andrew O'Hagan

The Familiar

Leigh Bardugo

The Work

Bri Lee

Audrey's Gone AWOL

Annie de Monchaux

City in Ruins

Don Winslow

Day One

Abigail Dean

It Takes a Town

Aoife Clifford

Last Best Chance

Brooke Dunnell


Garry Disher

The Beauties

Lauren Chater

The Cryptic Clue

Amanda Hampson

The Wild Date Palm

Diane Armstrong


Miranda Darling

The Glass House

Anne Buist

A Calamity of Souls

David Baldacci

Bone Lands

Pip Fioretti


Percival Everett

No Church in the Wild

Murray Middleton

Pheasants Nest

Louise Milligan

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