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All the Little Tricky Things

All the Little Tricky Things

by Karys McEwen

A novel about taking on new challenges, dealing with change and growing up, All the Little Tricky Things is perfect for readers about to start secondary school, or those moving into a new stage in life.

Penguin Random House
Publish Date
May 2022

It's the start of the summer holidays and eleven-year-old Bertie is worried. Next year she's going to a high school in the city, while all her friends stay behind in Merri, the small town she's lived in all her life. To help her feel better prepared for high school, her best friend, Claire, makes a list of eleven tasks Bertie has to complete over the summer. They start working through the list together, but the tasks begin to reveal some of the cracks in their friendship. Now Bertie's not even sure she'll have one friend by the end of the summer. All the Little Tricky Things is a charming, heartfelt novel about a time when everything is changing, and a girl who's trying to make sense of it all.

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