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Lightning Strike: Eboy, Book 1

Lightning Strike: Eboy, Book 1

by Anh Do, Illustrated by Chris Wahl

From the best selling author of Anh Do, illustrated by Chris Wahl

Allen & Unwin
Publish Date
March 2020

Ethan is supposed to be doing regular teenage things - like playing sports and hanging out with friends.
He is not supposed to be in the hospital getting a brain tumour removed by Gemini, a high-tech android doctor.
But just as the operation begins, the medical facility is hit by an unusual bolt of lightning...
When Ethan wakes up he discovers that things are different. He's always been good with computers, but now his skills are next-level. Ethan almost feels like he's...part of the machine. And what about the android Gemini? If Ethan is now part robot, does that make the robot part human? Ethan will need all his new skills just to stay alive. An electrifying new adventure series from the bestselling author Anh Do.

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