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Ten Leadership Lessons Your Teenager Must Learn

Ten Leadership Lessons Your Teenager Must Learn

by Dr Tim Hawkes

Over many years, renowned educator Dr Hawkes has taught thousands of students on the subject of leadership. 

Publish Date
June 2016

He has learnt what's effective - and what's not - when talking to young people about leadership. Now Dr Hawkes brings that wisdom to the parents of teenage boys and girls, and to teenagers themselves.

This book includes chapters on:

  • Making the right choices
  • Following the right examples
  • Finding a calling
  • Working with a team
  • Formulating strategies
  • Learning discipline

Dr Hawkes uses examples from ancient and modern history to illustrate his points about leadership and offers readers practical steps so that they can learn these leadership lessons.

This book gives parents the information they need to instil leadership in their children, so they can learn how to take responsibility for themselves - whether to lead others or become the leader of their own lives. It is an essential book for any parent wanting to help their child navigate the many challenges that confront teenagers in the twenty-first century.

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