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My Year of Living Vulnerably

My Year of Living Vulnerably

by Rick Morton

From Rick Morton, the author of the bestselling, critically acclaimed memoir One Hundred Years Of Dirt comes a dazzlingly brilliant book about love, trauma and recovery, My Year Of Living Vulnerably.

Harper Collins
Publish Date
March 2021

In early 2019, Rick Morton, author of acclaimed, bestselling memoir One Hundred Years of Dirt , was diagnosed with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - which, as he says, is just a fancy way of saying that one of the people who should have loved him the most during childhood didn't. So, over the course of twelve months, he went on a journey to rediscover love. To get better. Not cured, not fixed. Just, better. This is a book about his journey to betterness, his year of living vulnerably. It's a book about love. What love is, how we see it, what forms it takes, how we practice it in our lives, what it means to us, and how we really, really can't live without it, even if, like Rick for many years, we think we can. As he says: 'People think they want cars, and they will, to get to jobs and appointments in cities and regions where public transport has failed them. But what gets them into those cars, out of the house, out of bed for God's sake, is love.'

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