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by Alexandra Carroll

An Inspired Wander Through the City of Lights

Publish Date
September 2017

Paris is thrillingly unique. No other city has captured the hearts and imaginations of artists and lovers quite like this historic metropolis. Whether you're visiting Paris for the first time, or you're a seasoned Francophile looking to escape the crowds and discover the lesser-known streets that hide behind the grand Haussmann façades - the tucked-away squares, bars, eateries and shops that only the locals know about - Paris has it all. This lovingly curated guide invites you into the city's famous arrondissements and the distinctive charms of its quartiers. Lose yourself in the endless museums and galleries, from the imposing and monumental Louvre to lesser-known gems, such as the delightful Musée de Montmartre. Discover a world of haute couture, local markets and ateliers, and enjoy the finest cuisine courtesy of the chefs and bartenders championing oldeworlde classics alongside the neo-bistro movement and craft-cocktail scene. Filled with stunning photography that showcases the elegance and beauty that only Paris can offer, Paris will whisk you away and enthral you time and again. Here is the ultimate travel guide for wanderers, travellers and dreamers alike.

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