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Smash Hits Recipes

Smash Hits Recipes

by Nat's What I Reckon

Rude Words and Ripper Feeds

Penguin Random House
Publish Date
November 2023

Eat like an absolute legend with 45 of Nat's all-time best recipes. Filled with hits and memories plus a solid dose of good times, rest assured, this cookbook has your back!

Life's tricky, cooking doesn't have to be. Nat's here to take the nonsense out of the kitchen with Smash Hits Recipes.

Featuring Nat's most popular, tried-and-true dishes as well as all-new hit singles, this special hardback collection is a sweary best mate for your kitchen.

There are heaps of savoury power moves that'll sort your dinner any night of the week, and some sweet sh*t too. Look out for Zero F*cks Mac 'n' Cheese, Crowd Goes Mild Curry, Chilli con Can't Be F*cked and Gimme a Break Celebration Cake - plus a load of other classics you'll want to make again and again.

Give it a squiz, champion!

Recipes illustrated by Bunkwaa, Glenno, Warrick McMiles and Onnie O'Leary.

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