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Surf By Day, Jam By Night

Surf By Day, Jam By Night

by Ash Grunwald

Surf by Day, Jam by Night is Ash Grunwald's deep dive into the extraordinary.

Bloomsbury Publishing Pty Ltd
Publish Date
August 2019

From heavy wipe-outs to heaving crowds, soulful road trips to flow states, this book gives a rare insight into the lives and minds of the true legends who have mastered the artforms of surfing and music. Traditionally seen as pastimes of cultural outliers, these are the passions and obsessions of adventurers who dare to wander away from societal norms. A gifted storyteller, Grunwald takes us on a personal journey of inspiration, in a series of candid, intimate conversations with the best surfer–musicians in the world – from Kelly Slater to Stephanie Gilmore, Jack Johnson to Dave Rastovich, Pete Murray to G. Love and many more. They discuss style, transcendence, fear, career longevity, growth mindset, jamming vs shredding, mindfulness and what it's really like to live your dreams.

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