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Maya's Dance

Maya's Dance

by Helen Signy

Simon & Schuster
Publish Date
March 2024

A powerful novel of survival, resilience and enduring love, based on an incredible true Holocaust story.

Our dance. Do you remember how I spun and twirled? How I became more than a Jewish girl with battered shoes and dirty clothes ... We did not know then what it would mean, how that dance would change our lives.

Poland, 1942: seventeen-year-old Maya Schulze is struggling to survive in a brutal Nazi labour camp. But despite days filled with hunger, fear and despair, she is able to find courage and beauty in dancing - it is only then that she feels free.

One day a camp guard watches Maya perform, and both their destinies are changed for ever. Jan falls in love with Maya and promises to protect her; Maya lives for their stolen moments together, when her heart can dance again. Jan ultimately plots Maya's escape and promises to find her when the war is over, but fate cruelly intervenes.

Fifty years on, having received news that changes everything for her, Maya tells her story to journalist Kate Young. As their friendship grows, they piece together the clues to find Jan before it's too late.

'If there is one thing you learn from Maya's Dance, it is that art sets us free. An unforgettable and moving love story in the midst of one of the darkest and most terrible times of humanity. A book that from the first page you can't stop reading.' Armando Lucas Correa, bestselling author of The German Girl

'Maya's Dance combines the perfect blend of tragic heartache and enduring hope.' Anita Abriel, bestselling author of The Light After the War

'This novel, based on the true story of a Holocaust survivor, resonates with the horrors of these terrible times.' Maya Lee, bestselling author of The Nazis Knew My Name

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